About us

Design of HVAC systems is a complex multistage process which is aimed at the development Проектирование вентиляцииof conditioning, heating and ventilating systems.

Human performance and well-being depends on such factors as:

  • temperature;
  • humidity;
  • speed of air movement and level of its purity.

That’s why, the design of ventilating and conditioning systems for residential and commercial buildings must be implemented by professionals.

Проект системы кондиционирования и вентиляцииWhen developing drawings, our specialists observe construction norms and regulations, as well as firesafety, sanitary rules.

When equipment selecting, we take into account its energy efficiency, reliability, ease of maintenance and repairability. Design of HVAC system must be carried out at the stage of building construction.

Our company provides a complex approach, which includes:

  • design approval for conditioning, ventilating and heating systems;
  • architectural features of projects;
  • errors elimination;
  • time reduction for providing of services.

Experts at their job work in our company who can develop a project in a short time, taking into account all project’s features, your requirements and actual technical solutions.

Our projects in Uzbekistan

We designed ventilating, conditioning and heating systems for:

  • cottages and offices;
  • cafes and restaurants;
  • swimming pools;
  • trade and sport complexes;
  • educational and medical institutions;
  • hotels;
  • production shops.

We work all over Uzbekistan (Navoi, Samarkand, Djizzak, Andijan, Bukhara and other cities).

When ordering such service as “the design of ventilating, conditioning and heating systems”, you must provide:

  • project drawing;
  • design project;
  • technological project;
  • technical specification for design.
Make use of our services and you will get:
  • project, carried out in accordance with generally accepted construction rules and regulations;
  • graphic implementation of the project;
  • explanatory note;
  • equipment specification.

Making use of our services, you will get documentation package, including scheme of piping layout, type and number of devices, axonometric shemes, estimates, materials specification.

Additional services

Besides design of conditioning, ventilating and heating systems, our company provides the following services:

  • selection of industrial climate control equipment;
  • equipment delivery to Tashkent, Bukhara, Samarkand, Navoi, Djizzak and other cities of Uzbekistan;
  • installation of air conditioners, boilers, ventilation units, refrigerating chambers;
  • maintenance of chillers and fancoils, water heaters, shock freezing chambers, commercial refrigerators.

We work from Monday to Saturday. If you have any questions, call us: (71) 207 63 33; (98) 128 04 02

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