Business center Imaxi

Design and installation of ventilating, conditioning and heating systems are one of the main keys to success when building any trade centers.

Efficient operation of conditioning and heating systems depends on the attendance of hypermarket.

That’s why design of HVAC systems for trade center Imaxi (later renaimed as Anor Plaza) was trusted our company.

Facility advantages

shema_proezda_imaxiTrade complex Imaxi is conveniently located, not far from metro stations “Shaxristanskaya” and Yunusabad Universam.

Architectural features of this object are as follows: 6 floors, mechanical floor, basement. The floor area of this large trade center is 8818,7 m².

In addition, there is a parking for 140 cars, the area of which is 1560m². When constructing this large trade complex, many factors were taken into account, intended for comfortable and pleasant shopping.

Design of HVAC systems for Imaxi

Project development of HVAC systems for trade cenetr Imaxi was carried out by engineers and svarka_otopitelnih trubestimators of Proektirovanie. uz Company.

After careful gathering information, the sketch design and TEO documentation were made. Then the complex technical calculations and equipment specifications were carried out.

After design works completion, we provide a full package of documents, which uncludes:

  • schemes of connection;
  • general design of HVAC systems;
  • results of all calculations;
  • technical characteristics of equipment;
  • explanatory note.

Installation works according to all rules

Our company has been working in the field of climate control equipment for many years. List of our regular partners includes only reliable companies that provide services for installation and repair of industrial heating and input-exaust systems, chillers and fancoils, precision air conditioners and split air conditioning systems.

If you need, we can also recommend you qualified specialists who will be able to implement project, developed by our company. This time Server Service Company was chosen, which had to carry out the following services:

  • installation of extensive network of ducts;
  • installation of heating pipes;
  • commissioning of ventilating, conditioning ad ventilating systems.

Server Service Company has been performing its activity more than 10 years on the territory of Uzbekistan. In the course of our activity our specialists have installed hundreds of units of industrial air conditioners, boilers and ventilating systems.

Server Service gives its clients the opportunity to select an equipment in accordance with their required parameters.

If necessary our managers are ready to help in equipment selection and consultation on further operation.

In this case the customer preferred the equipment from the Chinese company TICA, which meets high quality standards in the whole world.

Regarding heating units, the South Korean boilers Navien were installed. It worth noting that we cooperate only with reliable and direct manufacturers.

If you want to order ventilating, conditioning and heating systems, call us by phone numbers listed in the section Contacts.

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