Design of air conditioning for restaurants

High quality air conditioning of restaurant is a warranty of good attendance.

Professional design, accurate calculation, competent equipment selection – 90% of success. So, if you want to ensure your restaurant or cafe popularity or good reputation, contact

Contact professionals!

Competent design of air conditioning system requires not only professional approach but also great experience. Trusting such difficult task unprofessionals, you risk to get low quality of performed works that will not meet your wishes and requirements.

Our company provides services for the design of air conditioning system in restaurants, cafes and saloon bars. Our qualified specialists will prepare system project for facilities of any size.

5 reasons to make use of our company services:

  • competent project development;
  • affordable price;
  • taking into account all generally accepted norms and regulations, features of building plan and financial possibilities of the customer;
  • compliance with deadlines;
  • 10% discount for installation of air conditioning system from our partners.

Quality warranty is provided for all performed services. Be sure you will be glad with the result of our services.

What types of air conditioners are ideal for restaurants?

Cassette air conditioners. Indoor unit is mounted in suspended ceiling and air is equally distributed, preventing drafts. Double or four-flow system of air distribution allows to implement air conditioning system by means of one or two indoor units. Due to elegant design these air conditioners fit into any interior.

Channel air conditioners. Outstanding feature of these air conditioners is the abilioty to supply air from outside. These air conditioners are also mounted in suspended ceiling and intended both for cooling, heating, purification and removal of exhaust air. One of the main advantages of channel air conditioners is the ability to serve several rooms simulteneously.

Wall air conditioners are the most popular type of climate control equipment and ideal for small rooms. Wide functionality, low noise level and affordable price are of course not a full list of all advantages of this equipment. One of the main of disadvantages is inability of  air conditioning of several rooms simulteneously. If there are severall halls in your restaurant, you will need to install separate split-system for each of them.

Wall-ceiling air conditioners. This type of climate control system is ideal when the installation of other types of air conditioning systems for one reason or another is impossible. Units can be installed both on the floor and at the top of the wall under the ceiling. It helps to create a comfortable atmosphere, taking into account space planning and arrangment of tables for guests.

Column air conditioners are also installed in places where the other types of air conditioners can’t be installed. However it is necessary to take into account one important point. Air conditioner that looks like high cabinet or refrigerator blows a powerful stream of air. That’s why it is very important to choose its correct location.

Our engineer designers will develop a project that will meet all your requirements. If need, we will consult you on the question of indoor units selection for your restaurant.

What data is needed for design:
  • your contacts;
  • facility location;
  • technical characteristics of the facility (size, number of storeys, thickness and material of the walls, number and purpose of premises);
  • restaurant or cafe capacity;
  • number of separate zones of internal space;
  • wishes and requirements of restaurant’s owner to the functionality of air conditioning system, its power, economy in use, rules of operation.

Besides, you should provide such information as architectural project of facility, plan of indoor premises and project of restaurant ventilation system.

If you want to get air conditioning system for restaurant, which will serve you for a long time, contact Company.

Проектирование кондиционирования ресторанов  Проектирование кондиционирования ресторанов


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