Design of air conditioning system

Design of air conditioning system is the firdt stage on the creation of system intended for favorable microclimate in the room.

This process consists of several stages. The efficient operation of air conditioning system dpends on the quality of carrying out of each of these stages.

That’s why, such work must be implemented only by professionals with great experience.

Our company specializes in the project development of climate control systems for administartive, industrial and commercial buildings. Great experience of our specialists allows us to provide high quality services in a professional level.

Design of air conditioning systems: stages

The process of developing working drawings is divided into 2 stages:

1) Preparation of technical specification. When preparing technical specification, it is necessary to take into account several important moments:

  • climate conditions of the region;
  • type of ventilation (artificial, natural, general, technologic);
  • rooms purpose;
  • number of storeys in a building;
  • temperature-condition condition in the room;
  • light (number and power of light source);
  • characteristics of existing conditioning and ventilating systems.

All mentioned above information is also added by building drawings and drawings of technologic project, features of interior structure (wall thickness, size and number of window openings, height of ceiling).

Based on the information received, the customer also must provide TEO documentation.

2) Project development is the most responsible stage. Project is developed according to building plan, thermotechnical properties of the structure and the whole building. At this stage, heat-and-moisture exchange indicators for each room are determined and suitable equipment is selected.

You need also to choose type and sheme of air conditioning system. Then it is necessary to draw plan with the duct layout and axonometric diagrams, and then to carry out hydraulic and aerodynamic calculations.

At this stage, equipment and consumable materials specification is provided.

Design of conditioning and ventilating systems: features

External and internal heat sources should be taken into account when project developing. The first ones are sun heating and exposure to warm air depending on the time of day. The second ones are equipment, office machines, light sources, people.

Price for the design of conditioning system depends on:

  • facility area;
  • building purpose;
  • features of building plan;
  • quantity and type of equipment;
  • combination with ventilation system.

Design and installation of air conditioning system is prerequisite for the productive work of civil (offices, hotels, trade and entertainment complexes) and commercial (shops, storehouses, enterprises) buildings.

What type of air conditioning system we design

Our company has been working in the field of HVAC systems for many years. In the course of our activity we have gained a great experience in the creation of air conditioning system of different complexity. We design the following types of air conditioning systems:

Chiller-fancoil system is the most effective, and as a result, the most popular way to create a comfortable microclimate. Advantages: large power range, reliability, high efficiency, ability to serve several rooms simultaneously.

VRV system is also one of the most popular types of air conditioning systems due to economical operation, high efficiency, connection of internal units (channel, cassette, floor-ceiling, column).

Absorption chillers is ideal for large enterprises where exhaust heat is released during production process. Disadvantage of such equipment is high price of refrigeration units.

Central air conditioning systems are used together with ventilation system, which means that they perform not only cooling and heating functions, but also supply of fresh and removal of exhaust air. Chiller or compressor-condenser unit is used as external unit.

Systems running on river and geothermal waters. Such units can be used both for heating and cooling of house. For project implementation a heat pump is required, which can use water, air or ground to produce heat energy.

We are engaged in the design of heating, ventilating and conditioning systems for:

  • private houses and country cottages;
  • public catering establishments (restaurants, cafes, saloon bars, canteens);
  • commercial and civil buildings (trade and entertainment centers, hotels, sport complexes);
  • industrial enterprises (plants, production shops, storehouses).

To make use of our company services, you should contact us, discuss all conditions and provide a package of documents (building plan, information about heat sources, number of windows, doors and so on).

If necessary, we can also advise you a company that specializes in the installation, repair and maintenance of air conditioning system.

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