Design of cold store in Chinaz city, Uzbekistan

Our company is engaged in the design of cold stores and refrigerating chambers of different size. We have developed a project of new cold store which combines 3 large refrigerated chambers for storage of fruits and vegetables, shock freezing chamber, rooms for meat prefreezing and low-temperature refrigerated chamber for storage of frozen meat products.

Cold store will be built in Tashkent region, not far from Chinaz city. Size of cold store: length – 50 m, width – 18m, height – 6m. More than two-thirds of cold store will be occupied by refrigerated chambers, in the rest of the space there will be shock freezing chamber, equipment room with the ability to control the performance of all refrigerated chambers and large corridirs for access to the chambers.

Cold store will be located in an excisting building, we have developed a project of building reconstruction into cold store, also have chosen the most convenient option for the location of cold stores of required capacity. Our engineer designers have calculated necessary thickness and number of polyurethane foam sandwich panels for all refrigerated chambers, selected necessary refrigeration equipment.

We have developed a project, including cold store drawings, description of necessary refrigeration equipment and calculations of all necessary elements.

Delivery of all necessary equipment, construction of refrigerated chambers and installation of refrigeration equipment have been carried out by Server Service Company.

If you need high quality project of cold store in Uzbekistan, our compnay is the best choice!


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