Office ventilation design offers its services for the design of offices and different buildings. Qualified engineer designers will design ventilation system at competitive price.

High quality ventilation system is one of the main conditions of creation of comfortable microclimate in the office, on which both the level of working capacity and health of employees depend. That’s why, there are precise rules and regulations, which should be taken into account during design.

Our advantages:

Today, there are many companies that specialize in the projects development of ventilation system for office.

So, making use of our company services, you will get:

  • competent calculation of ventilation unit efficiency;
  • meeting of deadlines;
  • guarantee of observance of construction norms and regulations, sanitary and fire safety norms;
  • affordable price for all implemented services;
  • discount for installation of ventilation system from our partners – Server Service Company.

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Main requirements of ventilation system for offices

There are several important moments that should be taken into account at first:

  • min. supply of fresh air where the employees must stay for a long time (60m³ per person);
  • in meeting halls – 20m³ per person;
  • for toilets – 50m³/h;
  • for dining rooms – 10m³/h per 1m²;
  • temperature of supply air in the room – 20C°

Our engineer designers meet these and other generally accepted rules. That’s why, we guarantee quality for all services implemented by our specialists.

Types of ventilation systems for offices

Installation of channel air conditioner in small office.

Outstanding feature of channel air conditioners is the supply of fresh air in the room. This is how it works. The outdoor unit of channel air conditioner is installed outdoors, while indoor unit – in utility room or bathroom.

Indoor and outdoor units are connected by means of air ducts (for supply of fresh and removal of exhaust air).

Indoor unit of channel air conditioner has mixing chamber, in which fresh and recirculation air are mixed, then it is heated or cooled and then it is supplied to office premises. Such ventilation doesn’t remove exhaust air from office premises. Air is removed through the ventilation grid in toilets and kitchen.

Office ventilation – gathering system

This type of ventilation system is assembled from separate parts (fans, filters, air valves etc.). It also can be equipped with heaters or coolers, air humidifiers or dryers, filters or other necessary parts.

Depending on project purpose and customer wishes, ventilation system can be of the following types: input, exhaust or mixed (input-exhaust).

Input ventilation system is intended for small offices where exhaust air is removed through the mine.

Exhaust ventilation system is installed locally, under working places or production zones where high concentration of harmful substances and unpleasant odor are released.

Input-exhaust ventilation provides favorable conditions in office premises. If heat recuperator is installed in input-exhaust ventilation system, you will significantly save on heating and cooling the supply air.

Input-exhaust ventilation unit

Input-exhaust ventilation units are sold by many manufacturers of ventilation systems. They are more compact and efficient than gathering systems and produced acording to basic configuration or on request.

Our specialists will carry out their services quickly and qualitatively, make all necessary calculations and select a suitable equipment.

Do you need competent design of ventilation system for office premise that will com[ly with generally accepted standards and norms? We are ready to help you!

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