Store ventilation design

Store traffic (regardless of the field of trade) mainly depends on the quality of ventilation systems. It is unlikely that the visitors will want to stay in a stuffy and poorly ventilated room for a long time.

That’s why, one of the main tasks for each owner of the supermarket is creation of efficient ventilation system.

Ventilation system both for small and large stores must provide:

  • quick removal of exhaust air and supply of fresh air;
  • airflow cleaning from dust, allergens, bacteria, chemical compounds;
  • removal of unpleasant odor smoke;
  •  air cooling (heating), its equal distribution as well.

Features of design

When designing ventilation system for store, it is ne cessary to take into account many nuances:

  • store location and size;
  • number of windows and doors;
  • power and type of lighting, indicators of heat input;
  • number of employees of the store and approximate number of the customers;
  • location of trade racks and other specialized structures.

All mentioned above information is necessary for competent design. Sometimes you should also provide additional information, such as temperature mode (summer or winter), type of air heater (electric or water), width of ceiling void.

In the stores with the area up to 400m² supply and exhaust ventilation with water or electric heating and built-in or autonomous conditioning system are usually installed.

In supermarkets with the area more than 400m² supply and exhaust ventilation with recuperation is usually mounted.

Trade center with the area more than 500m² requires the installation of several supply and exhaust units. Only in this case you can count on the efficient air exchange on the whole territory of supermarket.

Design of ventilation system: calculations

It is very difficult to calculate the exact number of visitors. There are too many factors which influence on the store traffic in a particular time. There are approximate calculations:

  • 1 person per 6m² (for sport goods, household appliances, electric devices, books, jewelries);
  • 1 person per 5m² (for grocery stores).

There are the following rules for calculation of employees:

  • 1 employee per 100m² (for grocery stores);
  • 1 employee per 160m² (for all stores).

Design of industrial ventilation system requires a professional approach. That’s why such work must be implemented by qualified specialists.

Our company provides following services for competent design of ventilation system:

  • calculation of parameters of outdoor air in winter and summer;
  • calculation of heat losses from equipment located in the store, employees, customers and light sources;
  • calculation of the amount of moisture generated in the room;
  • calculation of required air exchange to maintain optimal humidity and temperature parameters;
  • aerodynamic calculations.

After receiving this data, our engineers begin to design a ventilation system. Price of work depends on volume, deadline, type and size of the store.

Why should you order the design of ventialtion system in our company?

If you don’t know whom to trust such responsible task, contact qualified specialists – Company.

We provide guarantee for all implemented services according to established deadline. Our professional team develop individual projects according to facility features, customer requirements and financial possibilities.

For more detailed information, call our company by phone numbers listed in the section “Contacts“.

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