Design of swimming pools ventilation

Ventilation in swimming pool must perform two main functions – effective air exchange and maintenance of certain level of humidity. Absnece of the first eliminates the creation of favorable microclimate, and high humidity indiactors contribute to formation of condensate, mold and unpleasant odor.

It is also worth noting that the ventilation in private house can be turned off for a short period but we don’t recommend to do it in swimming pool.

Ventilation must operate in a continuous mode, providing fresh and removing exhaust air. It also must perform such functions as dehumidification, heating and cooling of the air.

Design is one of the main components during the project development. That’s why it must be implemented only by qualified specialists.

проектирование вентиляции бассейна

Ventilation system for swimming pool

To design the ventilation system for private or public pool, you should provide the following information:

  • room size and location of swimming pool;
  • building project;
  • stage of swimming pool construction (generally, the project development must be carried out at the stage of building construction or capital repair);
  • required functionality of ventilation system.

You will also have to answer such questions as:

  • type of ventilation – exhaust, supply or supply-exhaust;
  • is air recuperation required?
  • constructive features of ventilation system;
  • type of air humidification;
  • features of cooling and heating systems – way of installation of radiators and air conditioners: separate or together with ventilation;
  • control system: semi-automatic (on/off) or automatic.

So, the design of swimming pool is a complex process that requires a professional approach. That’s why, making use of unqualified specialists services, you risk getting a result that doesn’t meet your expectations, and as a result additional financial expenses. To avoid it, just call us!

Some important moments

Air humidifier is an important component of ventilation system for swimming pool. When choosing air humidifier, it is necessary to take into account room size. If swimming pool is large, it is better to choose air humidifier of channel type, focused also on the supply of air flows.

There is no need to install air humidifiers if:

  • swimming pool is small;
  • air is changed 5 or more times per hour;
  • swimming pool is used seldom;
  • Water surface is covered with special tent when not in use.

When installing input ventilation for swimming pool, it is important to ensure uniform supply and prevent the occurance of drafts. For swimming pools it is better to install combination ventilation (supply-exhaust), as separately used natural and mechanical ventilation can guarantee the required level of humidity.

Design of ventilation system for swimming pool requires carrying out of a full range of complex calculations:

  • calculation of temperature;
  • air movement;
  • relative humidity;
  • level of humidity.

Such indicators as air exchange rate and consumption of outdoor air also plays a major role.

Advantages of cooperation with our company

  • competent calculation of ventilation system for pool in accordance with generally accepted rules and regulations;
  • competent project development;
  • selection of suitable equipment and parts;
  • installation and further operation consultation of our specialists.

If necessary we can carry out system installation, including test in all modes, commissioning works and maintenance.

We also provide such services as installation of supply-exhaust ventilation for pool, which according to customer requirements can be equipped with dehumidification, conditioning system.

For more detailed information, please call us!


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