Design of ventilation system

Ventilation is one of the main ingredients of success for any facility. That’s why, it must be implemented by professionals of special service center.

Our project department offers its services for the design of all kinds of ventilation systems for any faciclities: private houses, office and trade buildings, supermarkets, swimming pools, storehouses and industrial buildings. In our company you can offer the design of ventilation systems for facilities with the area from 50 to 50 000 sq. meters.

We develop the projects of ventilation system in Tashkent and all over Uzbekistan!

Проектирование систем вентиляцииOrder the design of ventilation system in our project department, you will get:

  • Correct calculation of necessary air exchange in the room, taking into account all the features of the object and construction norms and regulations.
  • Full package of necessary documents for ventilation installation, which includes the project made in the prgramm AutoCad, scheme of ventilation, specification of ventilation equipment and explanatory note.
  • We provide the warranty certificate for ventilation system from 1 to 3 years.
  • We cooperate with installing companies, which provide you discount for installation works.
  • We develop individual projects of ventilating systems, taking into account all modern achievemnets in this area.

Features of ventilation systems

Ventilation in public places. Ventilation in such establishments as restaurants, cafes, cinemas etc. must be carried out in accordance with construction and sanitary norms.

Ventilation of production buildings depends on the type of manufacturing. If hazardous and harmful substances to human health don’t release during production process, it is just enough to install air handling unit or supply and exhaust ventilation system.

Ventilation of hospitals and pharmaceutical factories requires a high level of air filtration during the production of medicines. In operating rooms it is necessary to install ultrafine air filters, such as HEPA filter.

Ventilation of swimming pools and aquaparks includes the installation of air dryer.

If you need high quality design of ventilation system, contact our department project and we will answer all your questions!


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